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Introducing Odor Resistant Socks!

Alpha Socks use new technology to keep your active feet from smelling.

Alpha Socks feature zinc oxide and seaweed used in the smartcel™ sensitive fiber which helps eliminate foot odor.  They come in two sizes, SM/MED and LG/XL.  Click here to buy now.

Eliminate stinky smell feet with zinc oxide

Smartcel™ supports the natural processes of the skin and has a caring and revitalizing effect. As a component of skin-regenerating enzymes, the integrated zinc oxide affects the skin directly. It contributes to cell regeneration and skin renewal, thereby promoting the healing of wounds or inflammation.

Natural antibacterial and therefore odor-reducing,  Zinc oxide has been used as a deodorant since the end of the 19th century. It is also an accepted drug in the medicinal field, combating inflammation and promoting the healing of wounds.

Who loves Alpha Socks?

“I used to apply medications to my feet to keep them from itching due to athlete’s foot. The socks work great on their own. Thanks Alphasock!”
Adam - San Jose, California

Help remove foot and toe fungus!

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